Customer Service and Support You Can Count On

NEDCO Inc. is committed to providing ongoing support and service to all of our customers. We want you to be completely confident in your investment. To that end, we facilitate customer service and support for all of our packaging equipment. From service requests to replacement parts ordering, we provide the materials and resources you need to keep your machines in great shape.

Annual Service Request is available for anyone Interested. Please contact for more information.

If you need service, please fill out the highlighted sections of our Service Request Form.

Send the form to:
Jack Dodson (
Don Cranshaw (

NOTE: Many parts can be purchased as an Assembly (A) part. Also, Teflon Sheets can be purchased by a 16” Roll (R) or Upper (U) and Lower (L) Part. The Parts with a (*) always seem to be needed for an Old UBII Reconditioned Sealer.

Shipping is FOB Atlanta, GA 30058, via UPS International or FedEx
Terms are Net Due before Shipment or Bank Wiring.

For different Model Bagger/Sealer Parts and Accessories, please contact NEDCO for further information.

Don Cranshaw

Contact us if you require replacement parts or would like to place a service request. Our company is based in Atlanta, GA, and we serve customers nationwide.