Improve Your Assembly Line with Conveyor Systems

When making improvements to your assembly line, it is important to make adjustments that will allow your teams to do their jobs faster and more efficiently. At the same time, you must also consider safety and ease of use, as well as maintenance concerns. At NEDCO Inc., we strive to create a conveyor system that will empower companies to do more while saving time and energy. Now, it is even easier to design and implement a shirt folding and packing system within your facility.

Our automated conveyor systems are designed with ease of use and speed in mind. We are proud to offer conveyor components that will simplify the garment folding, packing, and shipping process. Thanks to our use of high-quality materials and strict manufacturing methods, we provide a product that not only performs well but is also built to last. Place your order for our conveyor systems to bolster your facility’s capabilities.

About the NEDCO Product Conveyors

The NEDCO Product Conveyor System is a state-of-the-art component that can be fitted to our family of packaging equipment. Conveyor belts are a great way to move products from one step of your manufacturing, assembly, and packaging process to the other. By carrying your items automatically and at a controlled speed, your line workers will find it easier to perform their duties. Conveyors can:

  • Reduce Product Travel Time
  • Minimize the Risk of Employee Fatigue and Injury
  • Optimize the Design and Layout of the Assembly Line

Best of all, conveyor equipment is highly modular. Whether you need to take a step of your process to a new station or another level of your facility, our selection of systems can bridge the gap.

Inclined and Horizontal Models Available

Improve the performance, efficiency, and safety of your facility and your employees with our conveyor systems. Our product conveyors are available in both Inclined and Horizontal configurations, allowing for a greater degree of customization.

While the Horizontal Conveyor is ideal for moving products from one station on your assembly line to the other, our Inclined Conveyors can fit your specific needs. The 6-L Incline Conveyor is designed to lift or move a packaged product up from 9" to heights of approximately 40", or to a table or into a box for further order processing. S.S. Side Guides and a 9" belt width are standard. The overall conveyor width is 16". Adjustable feet allow for raising and lowering of height.

We manufacture many models of varying widths. Widths are designed for your packaging needs. Our catalog includes:

Inclined Models:
5-L (Pillow Conveyors Only)

Horizontal Models:

Conveyor Models

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