About Our Industrial Packaging Equipment Company

NEDCO Inc. has helped members of the textile and clothing industries get more done. Our driving forces include innovation and a commitment to our customers. Read about how our industrial packaging equipment got its start.

National Equipment Development Company Inc. was born in 1989 by Jack Dodson, Jr. Jack was a driven entrepreneur working for a company called All-Pac. This company built the first automatic t-shirt folding machine the world had ever seen.

Jack quickly rose to the top in the company structure and became a lead sales engineer. Jack grew up an engineer like his father before him. He knew how things worked and could build and fix things quicker than most. Jack felt he could do more with his talent and left the All-Pac company. Afterward, the E-Z Fold T-Shirt Folder and the NEDCO Inc. company was born.

The company grew exponentially in the first ten years, thanks in large part to the ease of operations and phenomenal customer service our company provides to customers. The rest is history, and our company has been growing ever since.

Family owned and operated since the start, second-generation Jason Dodson has taken the reigns and has big plans to come for the company. We will stand by our product and help anyone that puts their trust in us moving forward. This is the way of doing good business with good people and helping them grow as a team.

Come join the E-Z Fold Family today!

Contact us to learn more about our industrial packaging equipment company. Our company is based in Atlanta, GA, and we serve customers nationwide.