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An Automatic T-Shirt Folding Machine That Will Revolutionize Your Business

When it is time to make vital upgrades to your facility, choose NEDCO Inc. for all of your garment packaging needs. We are a company in Atlanta, GA, that is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for the textile and clothing industries. With our automatic t-shirt folding machine, you can take your business further.

The finishing and packaging process for clothing requires many steps. Trying to perform folding, bagging, packing, and sealing manually can result in errors and underutilizes your personnel. By automating key steps to your finishing and packing processes, you will save time. In turn, you will enhance the productivity of your business, optimize your workforce, and improve your profit outlook.

Manufacturers of the E-Z Fold Shirt Folding System

The core of our offerings is the E-Z Fold system. It folds t-shirts, polos, and other apparel quickly and consistently. This shirt folding machine is great for both small businesses and large-scale operations, and its modularity allows it to perform many different functions on-the-fly. By adding the E-Z Fold to your production facility, you will improve the day-to-day operations of your business.

At our company, we are always looking for new ways to help garment manufacturers keep up with the ever-increasing demand for new clothing, blankets, cushions, and other textile products. To that end, we have developed an extensive line of automatic shirt folders, product compressors, and packaging machines that fill the essential roles of a production line. Designed with ease of use and customization in mind, our catalog of automatic equipment will take your business further.

Welcome to the NEDCO Inc. Family

We are a leading manufacturer of high-speed folding and packaging equipment for the textile and apparel industries. We represent the most innovative solutions in automatic folding, bagging, and heat-sealing equipment, including production packaging equipment.

Our company also offers custom machinery design and engineering for specialty applications, as well as a full line of parts and service. Whether you decorate apparel through screen-printing or embroidery, manufacture apparel or textiles, or distribute wholesale or retail, we have a packaging solution for you.

Our Goal is Simple

At our company, our goal is to be the best and most innovative Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of finishing and packaging equipment for the textile and apparel trades. We believe this goal can be reached through the delivery of high-quality products such as the E-Z Fold line, fast service, and continued support to our customers. Our goals cannot be reached unless we can help you reach yours.

Contact us to learn more about our automatic folding, packing, and sealing equipment. Our company is based in Atlanta, GA, and we serve customers nationwide.

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