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T-Shirt Folders

E-Z FOLD 2000-S T-Shirt – Textile Automatic Folding SYSTEM

T-Shirt Folders

The E-Z Fold 2000 Apparel Packaging system is the most popular line we manufacture and this system provides automatic folding, bagging & heat sealing of a variety of apparel products at production rates up to 1000 pieces per hour. The E-Z Fold 2000-S automatic folder incorporates actuated tucking adjusters and folding plate adjustments for quick change from adult Men and Lady sizes. This adjustable feature also allows for quick change over from T-shirts to golf shirts or sweatshirts. High –Speed, consistent folding bagging of screen-printed and embroidered garments are guaranteed through the use of our Teflon-covered folding plate.

Voltage required - 110 volts – 50 Hz - Other voltage is available. Compressed Air Required-100 lbs. PSI of Clean Compressed Air at 3-5 CF

Many layouts can be used so save packaging/folding Departments. It is simple to add a Bagger Seal, Counters, Stackers, Long Sleeve Attachments, Size Stripe Labelers and Conveyors.

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T-Shirt Folders

The LS-4200-S Long Sleeve Attachment is the fastest Inline belt device for folding of long sleeves. Fleece, Jerseys, Long sleeve T-shirts, Sweaters, Jackets all can now be automatically folded. Change from long to short sleeve products in one minute or less. See EZ Fold 2000-S and LS-4200-S running in our Web Site. Other options is Auto Stacking MS-1500 and Auto Size Stripe Labeling L-15.

Attach the LS-4200-S to the infeed of NEDCO’s E-Z Fold series of folders and others. The modular design allows for retrofit in the field. The LS-4200-S can be attached to many makes and models of Inline automatic folders. Variable speed tucking belts allow for operator choice of long sleeve fold location. This is NEDCO’s New Patent Pending Design.

Mount the LS-4200-S on an EZ Fold 2000-S Auto Folder.

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NEDCO EZ Fold TX–5-S offers the Competitive Edge

T-Shirt Folders

The TX- 5-S Auto T-Shirt Folder combines folding capabilities in a user friendly & economical design.

NEDCO Patented Positive Track technology: allows garments with low lubricity factors (such as screen printed goods) to move through the system uninterrupted during production .

TX-5-S has adjustable fold plates: Just like the full size EZ Fold high speed production models, the TX-5-S will be able to fold your product to any width between 6” and 11” or more.

Space saving with smaller, light and less weight design: Meets the needs of not only the large production shops with multiple stations, but the smaller businesses as well. Easily rolls into a corner or back room for storage when not in use - 8 ft long and 3 ft Wide. Multiple units can be used in various remote locations throughout your facility.

TX-5-S is belt to belt design folding equipment with production rate capability exceeding 400 –600 units per hour. Fewer moving parts allow for easy operation and very simple and in-expensive maintenance.

Options: Return to operator: TX–5-S can returns the folded product to the operator so there is no need for a second person in this production line and other options are PLC Product Counters and Bagger I Sealer/Incline Conveyor line for capability to grow your business, with Folding, Bagging and Sealing up to 8,000 or 16,000 units in a 40 hour week with one or two operators. Photo Eye Start is standard.

Power Requirements:
110 volts AC-6OHz. Other voltage available upon request
100 PSI Clean,Dry Compressed Air @ 2-3 cfm

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