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NEDCO Max-UBII Bagger/Sealer 618 Spare Parts List and Prices

Qty Unit Part # Description Prices
1 ea UB-002 Upper Foam Pad w/ Abrasive Only
1* ea UB-017 Z-Bar Glued Upper Foam Pad w/Abrasive
1* ea UB-003 Red Silicone Rubber Strip
1* ea UB-005 White Transite 18” Bar
1* Roll UB-007R Roll of Teflon 3 mil Sheet 16” x 9 yd
1* ea UB-007U Upper Teflon Sheet 16” x 5-1/4”
1* ea UB-007L Lower Teflon Curtain Sheet 16” x 20”
1 ea UB-009 Chip Kicker Cylinder
1* ea UB-010 Kicker L-Plate w/Hole
1 ea UB-013 Insulator Wire Heat Blocks
1 Set UB-014A Flat Spring Steel Tension-2 each for 1 Set
1* ea UB-020 Flat Nicro Sealing Wire
1* ea UB-021 Round Cutting Nicro Sealing Wire
1* Roll UB-020R 25 ft Roll Flat Nicro Sealing Wire
1* Roll UB-021R 25 ft Roll Round Nicro Sealing Wire
1 ea UB-035 Stop Gate Product Finger Cylinder
1* Set UB-037 Sealing Jaw Cylinders 3” Stroke R and L Cylinder -$78.20 ea
1* ea UB-043A Whisker Wire with Micro Switch
1 ea UB-043 Whisker Wire Only for Product Start
1* ea UB-090A NEW Photo Eye Start Assembly (Replaces Whisker Wire Design)
1 ea UB-046A Scrap Blow – Copper Assembly
1 ea UB-051 Heat Control for Hot Wiring Sealing
1 ea UB-057 4 Way Air Solenoid –Seal Jaw & Compression Plate Solenoid
1 ea UB-059 Heater Fuse
1* ea UB-064 Fuse Holder Assembly w/Fuse
1 ea UB-060 2 Way Air Solenoid – Air Blow Off
1* ea UB-062 8 Pin Relay -11O Volt (UBII Sealers uses – 3 Relays)
1 ea UB-063 Timer with Resistor
1 ea UB-065 Safety Mirco Switch
1* ea UB-067 Compression 8” x 10” Plate w/Pad
1 ea UB-075 Proximity for Compression

NOTE: Many parts can be purchased as an Assembly (A) part. Also Teflon Sheets can be purchased by a 16” Roll (R) or Upper (U) and Lower (L) Part. The Parts with a (*) is always seems to be needed for an Old UBII Reconditioned Sealer.

Shipping is FOB Atlanta, GA. 30058 via UPS International or Fed EX
Terms are Net Due before Shipment or Bank Wiring.
Contact Belinda King
NEDCO Accounting.

For different Model Bagger/Sealer Parts and Accessories, please contact NEDCO for further information.
Don Cranshaw