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NEDCO Product Conveyors

Incline or Horizontal Models - 6-L, 8-L, 10-L and 6-H, 8-H, 10-H and Pillow Models are 5-L or 5-H Conveyors.


Product Incline Conveyor

The 6-L Incline Conveyor Equipment is designed to lift or move to packaged product up from 9" Height to approximately 40" Heights or to a table or into a box further order processing. S.S. Side Guides and a 9" belt width are standard. The overall conveyor width is 16". Adjustable feet allow for raising and lowering of height.

NEDCO manufacturers many models 6,L, 8-L and 10-L Inclines and 6-H, 8-H,

10-H Horizontal Conveyors. Widths are designed for your packaging needs. Pillow Conveyors models are 5-L Incline Conveyors.

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